Thursday, August 26, 2010

Group Performance Task

Design a range of innovative products that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in SST. The products produced must focus on a Theme/Interesting Shape decided by the group.

These products can be
- advertising medias like posters, podcast, animation and videos.
- Interesting physical products or Google SketchUp Models.

This would be a competition and there would be prizes for the top 5 winners in SST.

Presentation of Group Task
1. Group Focus: Theme/Interesting Shape: Reasons and Meaning
2. Tagline and its meaning?
3. Products
- Why are these products chosen?
- How are these products used to promote of I and E in SST?

Due Date: 1st I & E lesson after Sept Holiday

Monday, August 2, 2010

Designing a brochure to promote I and E (3rd August 2010)

SPRING Singapore is promoting Innnovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) in schools as part of their I&E promotion drive in Singapore. Your company had won the contract by SPRING Singapore to create a brochure to promote I&E in Singapore schools.

Performance Task:
As a designer, you are required to design a brochure to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Singapore Schools.

The brochure may include the followings:
- Introduction of I & E.
- Importance of I & E in Singapore
- Objectives/ Aims of i & E in Singapore Schools

Possible reading:

This brochure design is a competition. The BEST five design, voted by teachers and parents, will be receiving prizes

Submission: Please submit your completed brochure into my email at, file name as Brochureyourname
Due Date: 9th August 2010