Thursday, September 16, 2010

Assembly Talk: Dr Dennis W Cheek(16th Sept 2010)

Please SHARE on the followings.

1. Interesting notes/lessons learnt from Dr Dennis W Cheek,
2. How have you benefited from the assembly talk?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Group Performance Task

Design a range of innovative products that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in SST. The products produced must focus on a Theme/Interesting Shape decided by the group.

These products can be
- advertising medias like posters, podcast, animation and videos.
- Interesting physical products or Google SketchUp Models.

This would be a competition and there would be prizes for the top 5 winners in SST.

Presentation of Group Task
1. Group Focus: Theme/Interesting Shape: Reasons and Meaning
2. Tagline and its meaning?
3. Products
- Why are these products chosen?
- How are these products used to promote of I and E in SST?

Due Date: 1st I & E lesson after Sept Holiday

Monday, August 2, 2010

Designing a brochure to promote I and E (3rd August 2010)

SPRING Singapore is promoting Innnovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) in schools as part of their I&E promotion drive in Singapore. Your company had won the contract by SPRING Singapore to create a brochure to promote I&E in Singapore schools.

Performance Task:
As a designer, you are required to design a brochure to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Singapore Schools.

The brochure may include the followings:
- Introduction of I & E.
- Importance of I & E in Singapore
- Objectives/ Aims of i & E in Singapore Schools

Possible reading:

This brochure design is a competition. The BEST five design, voted by teachers and parents, will be receiving prizes

Submission: Please submit your completed brochure into my email at, file name as Brochureyourname
Due Date: 9th August 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Assembly Talk: Mr Thomas Fernandez (29th July 2010)

Please SHARE on the followings.

1. Interesting notes/lessons learnt from Mr Thomas Fernandez,
2. How have you benefited from the assembly talk?

Reading: Mr Thomas Fernandes

Characteristics of Entrepreneur (29th July 2010)

Read the interviews of the following entrepreneurs and use PowerPoint/Keynotes to note the followings:

1. Name of the Entrepreneur and the businesses they are in.
2. How did the entrepreneur start their business?
3. Characteristics of the entrepreneur and show examples to exhibit these characteristics.
4. Share few important/ interesting notes shared by the entrepreneur.

The group can be divided into these roles:
1 or 2 Presenter
1 Note taker whose responsibility is to create the PowerPoint Slides/ Keynotes for presentation(Max 8 slides)
2-3 pupils to read and give notes/ideas for presentation.

Group 1: Mr Ivan Lee
Group 2: Mr Charles Wong
Group 3: Mr Mohd Ismail
Group 4: Mr Harish Nim

Charity Bazaar 2010