Thursday, September 16, 2010

Assembly Talk: Dr Dennis W Cheek(16th Sept 2010)

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1. Interesting notes/lessons learnt from Dr Dennis W Cheek,
2. How have you benefited from the assembly talk?


  1. To look at things positively and to never give up.

    I learnt to look at things in another perspective that will make life easier and much more enriching.

  2. His experience is from things that he has done at young, which means he started early.

    I have learned that we must start young and never give up.

  3. I learnt to look upon failures as motivation to succeed, and to ever be on alert to seek out opportunities as life goes on. Failures allow us to know ourselves and the situation even better, and afterwards allow us to find other ways to succeed.
    I benefited from the talk as I was inspired by his optimism in life, and hope that I will be able to go through life with that positive perspective.

  4. He mentioned about many life stories of his to tell how an event in his youth helped change his life.

    I have learnt how his optimism helped shape his life and affect how he lived it which was by seizing opportunities whenever possible.

  5. Never give up, although many different difficulties happened along the way, for example in his life story, he had to swim across a huge river, but he did not give up, unlike the boy. Sometime, failures will lead to future success, so we do not need to succeed every time in everything we do. Learn from your mistakes, and correct them, to improve on your life ahead.

  6. He told us to take the difficult way to get more experience.

    I have learnt that maybe the easiest way is not the way you gain most from

  7. I learnt that we must learn not to take failures to personally until we forget to live our lives. We must get out of our comfort zone and confront challenges head on. We must take advantage of our opportunities whenever they come by.
    I feel more motivated to work towards my dreams and strive to achieve what I want in life after the assembly talk.

  8. Mr Dennis W Cheek told us about his life experiences and dreams. He is very engaging and sounds cheerful.

    From this assembly talk, I learned that everyone should never give up in what ever they do, no matter what setbacks there are. We should learn from the mistakes and improve further. Be positive, and think at a different perspective to give you a better view.

  9. 1. We all will live till 100 years old.

    2. Failures make us discover more about ourselves.

    3. It is okay to be different.

    4. Take the path less travelled.

    5. Failing is not a big deal (: Stand up and be strong again.

  10. 1.You fail to succeed.(Meaning: After failure, change your mistake and come back stronger and succeed)
    2.Cherish your opportunities

    The talk motivates me not to give up in whatever i do.

  11. 1.The interesting notes are that we should always attempt to seek a different path from others. I think that this is very interesting as one path opens to the other. We will never know what will be at the end of the path.

    2. Listening to this assembly talk made me re-looked at my dreams. My dreams that had made me chose this path to SST. This had made me decide to work even more harder to obtain better results.

  12. I learnt that we can take charge of our own lives.
    If we take the harder way out, we will gain experiences and learn things which will be valuable.

  13. I learnt that we must learn to take failures as a driving force, so as to achieve the goals we want to achieve. It is important not to give up and perseverance is the best alternative. We must confront any challenges with courage and confidence.

    We must also seize opportunities that will emerge along the way, even if they are not the ones that you like.

    I felt that Dr Dennis Cheek's outlook of life is commendable. We should be optimistic like him and be prepared to take risks in order to learn new insights.

  14. I learnt that sometimes failure is not necessary bad. One should grab the opportunity to do things whenever there is one and try to seek for opportunity. Sometime people have some things that they do not think that they can do it but if they try they would find out that sometimes they would be able to achieve that feat. There would be risk in the things we do, but we should not let it stop us in doing our things. It takes 10 thousand hours (3 years) of hard work on something to be a expert in it. All of us should aim to live till 100 years old.
    I benefited quite a lot as those words that Mr Dennis W Cheek told us were very inspirational and encouraging.

  15. 1. There are many routes that we can still take even if you failed at one.

    2. We must continue to try although we fail, and never give up.

  16. I learnt that failures are just obstacles we will faced in our life long journey,we should look on the bright side and not give up.

    It was enriching to hear someone's else life experiences and learn from them.

  17. I learn that failures are just training, which motivates us to improve and lead us to success

    I learnt that we must grab our opportunities, as they will not come to us by doing nothing.

  18. -We have many opportunities, but we must learn to grasp them.
    -We will live to a long age, so we should look at failures in a positive light.

    I have found out about many ways to succeed, even from failure and the talk was also very enriching and teaches us not to give up.