Thursday, July 29, 2010

Characteristics of Entrepreneur (29th July 2010)

Read the interviews of the following entrepreneurs and use PowerPoint/Keynotes to note the followings:

1. Name of the Entrepreneur and the businesses they are in.
2. How did the entrepreneur start their business?
3. Characteristics of the entrepreneur and show examples to exhibit these characteristics.
4. Share few important/ interesting notes shared by the entrepreneur.

The group can be divided into these roles:
1 or 2 Presenter
1 Note taker whose responsibility is to create the PowerPoint Slides/ Keynotes for presentation(Max 8 slides)
2-3 pupils to read and give notes/ideas for presentation.

Group 1: Mr Ivan Lee
Group 2: Mr Charles Wong
Group 3: Mr Mohd Ismail
Group 4: Mr Harish Nim

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